55 Best Vintage 1920s Hairstyles For Men (2022)

Neat Side Part

The 1920 mens hairstyles was the era of modification for females as well as simplicity for guys. 1920s hairstyles for men did not differ much from what we see nowadays. The same undercuts or slicked back hair, in addition to military-style and also Ivy league.

There was likewise a place for side parts and sea waves. The last is the hairstyle commonly used by African guys. Unique hairbrushes, as well as hair gel, produced an impression of waves.

Younger boys from the 1920s hair mens made use of to put on short haircuts. Some 1920s mens haircut are extremely interesting to look at and can offer you a good concept of what you want to get done.

Popular 1920 Mens Hairstyles

Whether you are looking for an everyday hairstyle or preparing yourself for an impersonate, have a look at the 1920s hairdos for men. While they are quite basic, they still have some classical air about them and can come to be a wonderful choice for a contemporary man. Browse the 55 simple alternatives we are providing you as well as make your option.

 1. High Comb Over

Men would certainly ask their barbers to leave the 1920’s hair long enough on top to comb it backward. The sleek appearance was achieved by hair gel or pomade.

High comb over
Foto of High comb over

2. Low Comb Over

In the 1920s mens hair comb-overs were often utilized by males, that intended to hide the receding hairline. It was a timeless option for older males. A low comb neglected natural as well as was fairly easy to design. Some gel was called for to keep the hair in position.

Low comb over
Foto of Low comb over

 3. Sleek And Chic Style Hair For 1920 Mens Hairstyles

These 1920 mens hairstyles require thick hair as well as a great deal of hair gel. Nowadays this haircut will certainly fit a male of any occupation.

Sleek And Chic 
Foto of Sleek And Chic 

In the video, you can see the best hairstyles of famous gangsters.

4. Neat Side Part

This cool hairstyle would certainly have been considered stylish in the 1920s. Minimum hair cosmetics and also an all-natural component would certainly keep some heads transforming at a retro secondary school dancing. So, why not give it a try?

Neat Side Part
Foto of Neat Side Part

 5. Lateral Comb Over

This sort of comb-over is a contemporary interpretation of the timeless 1920 mens hairstyles. The hair on the sides is cut very short, while a distinctive hair is brushed up sidewards. Entirely this makes an excellent modern-day appearance.

Lateral comb over
Foto of Lateral comb over

 6. Undercut

Guys’ Undercuts were prominent in the 1920s mens hair. They were used by sailors and some armed forces men. Normally, the top component was kept fairly brief, however, there were comb-over variants as well. The hair was primarily discolored on the sides.

Foto of Undercut

7. Ocean Waves of 1920 Mens Hairstyles

It was produced by utilizing a little hair and a unique hairbrush gel. Hair is reduced short (about 4 mm (0,15 inches) and also styled with a hairbrush to develop waves

Ocean waves
Foto of Ocean waves

 8. Sleek Side-Swept Waves

Rest side-swept waves are created by making a lateral comb-over. The hair is curled right into neat waves by utilizing a comb and hair gel. All Clark Gable fans considered this hairdo a must-do. It will certainly look superb on a contemporary male.

Sleek side-swept waves
Foto of Sleek side-swept waves

 9. Working-Class

The working class didn’t go with challenging flick star 1920 hair styles and minimal themselves to easy taper fade with slight comb-overs. This style is easy to take care of as well as doesn’t need excessive upkeep. It can end up being a great idea for any type of man nowadays.

Foto of Working-class

10. Sleek And Fashionable Style Of 1920 Mens Hairstyles

Making a side component was a need to for elegant guys. Maintaining the wild hair subdued by 1920s mens haircut gel was challenging, however, guys prepared to do it. This simple hairdo is terrific for any event given that the hair looks neat.

Sleek and fashionable
Foto of Sleek and fashionable

11. Taper Fade

Taper fades have been rather popular in the 1920 mens hairstyles as well as can be considered a timeless males’ hair cut of the 20th century. The sides are maintained short, while the top part is left long sufficient for styling.

Taper Fade
Foto of Taper Fade

 12. Side Part With A Crest

This vintage haircut mens is created by leaving adequate hair on top to do some imaginative styling. The top part is side elevated and swept with the aid of some hair gel.

Side Part With A Crest
Foto of Side Part With A Crest

13. Modern Variations

It is a bolder variation of the 1920’s hairstyles taper fade, which males used regularly. Some hair gel is needed to keep the hair in location.

Modern Variations
Foto of Modern Variations

 14. Comb Over With A Voluminous Beard

Facial hair was also rather prominent in the 1920s. While the working class appreciate short beards or chose tidy shaving, bohemian society went further to expand horrendous neglected beards. Nowadays such a beard would make you look much more like a rebel, so make your choice.

Comb Over With A Voluminous Beard
Foto of Comb Over With A Voluminous Beard

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 15. Another Classical Style

A taper fade with a side-swept top looks excellent on guys with all face and hairstyles for medium hair types. If you want it to look vintage, add even more hair gel.

Another Classical Style
Foto of Another Classical Style

16. Natural Style Of 1920 Mens Hairstyles

While hair items, such as gels and pomades, were rather prominent in the 1920s hairstyles for short hair, the all-natural hairstyles were still made use of regularly. Men, that didn’t want to spend way too much time caring for their hair, chose simple hairstyles, that needed no upkeep.

Foto of Natural

17. Creative Pompadours

Tiny pompadours are a terrific selection for males with vintage hairstyle for short hair and no dream to spend much time on it. This trendy appearance is quickly attained by some hair gel and a round brush. Don’t forget the classical side part.

Creative Pompadours
Foto of Creative Pompadoursа

In the video below, you can watch men’s hairstyles from the 1920s.

18. Short And Neat

This brief hairdo looks excellent with no hair cosmetics. While no hair gel is needed, routine brushing is a must to keep the style neat.

Short And Neat
Foto of Short And Neat

 19. Sleek Wavy Style Of 1920 Mens Hairstyles

This 1920 mens hairstyles is great for males with wavy or curly hair. After the side component is produced, the hair is smoothed by hair gel.

Sleek Wavy Style
Foto of Sleek Wavy Style

 20. Nothing Extra

In the 1920s hairstyle, young boys didn’t experiment with hair treatment products, they went for all-natural appearances. The hair is nicely cut, without any kind of innovative tweaks.

The hair is crinkled into neat waves by making use of a comb and hair gel. Maintaining the wild hair suppressed by hair gel was not easy, but males were all set to do it. Taper fades have been rather popular in the 1920 mens hairstyles and can be considered a timeless males’ hair cut of the 20th century. Some hair gel is called for to keep the hair in location. After the side part is created, the hair is smoothed by hair gel.

Nothing Extra
Foto of Nothing Extra

21. Slicked Back Crop Top

You can be certain that having a cropped hairdo is something that can be considered vintage haircut mens yet at the same time, you can make it much more vintage hairstyle mens by having a slicked-back hairstyle. This is classic as well as modern-day at the same time 1920 mens hairstyles

Slicked Back Crop Top
Foto of Slicked Back Crop Top

22. Slightly Off Center Slicked Back Hairstyle

Would certainly you like to ensure that you will have a hairstyle that is much various from what you have now? Instead of just making every little thing slicked back, you can split yours on the side instead of the center part of your hair.

Slightly Off Center Slicked Back Hairstyle
Foto of Slightly Off Center Slicked Back Hairstyle

23. The Fade

This is the sort of 1920s mens hairstyles that will certainly enable you to look vintage hairstyle mens and also modern-day at the same time. It implies that from the front to the back, the hair would appear to fade away.

The Fade
Foto of The Fade

24. High And Tight Type Of 1920 Mens Hairstyles

This is the type of 1920s hairstyle that will certainly permit you to have brief hairstyles on the back and also the sides of your hair. Remember that it will be up to you exactly how short you would like your hairstyle to be. You can be certain that this can look remarkable relying on the length that you would certainly select.1920 ha

High And Tight
Foto of High And Tight

25. Longer Front Short Hairstyle

You can be certain that to make your style vintage haircut mens, you would need to make the front part of your hair longer than the hair that you carry the sides as well as the rear of your head.1

Longer Front Short Hairstyle
Foto of Longer Front Short Hairstyle920 hairstyles for short hair

26. Finger Wave Short Hairstyle

You can be sure that you will keep everything slicked back but the natural waves will certainly start showing up if you have normally curly mens hair. If you would certainly such as to have a side part or you may choose to just allow it appear slicked back, you can split it in the direction of the side.

Finger Wave Short Hairstyle
Foto of Finger Wave Short Hairstyle

27. Slicked Back Middle Part

You might pick to have actually slicked-back hair with a center part if you desire something genuinely extraordinary. Remember that you require to choose the ideal hair products to make your hair appear amazing.

Slicked Back Middle Part
Foto of Slicked Back Middle Part

28. Pomade

There is simply something concerning the pomade that has actually ended up being more prominent once again recently and also there is a large opportunity that it will certainly continue its popularity in the following years. You can make your pomade appearance by mixing it with a wet look mens hairstyles.

Foto of Pomade

29. Undercut

The undercut is extremely common during the hair mens age but you can alter it up and make it much more modern-day by ensuring that you will have a longer hairstyle on the top of your head. You can make it messy or cleaner depending upon the occasion that you will certainly be going to.

Foto of Undercut

30. Volumized Side Part

You can be certain that you will certainly be changing the way that your normal side part resembles by adding a bit of volume on the side. You can use the very best 1920 mens hairstyles for long hair items to appear in this appearance.

Since you already know what to do, do you assume that you will be able to select the appropriate vintage-inspired hairdo look even more modern-day?

Volumized Side Part
Foto of Volumized Side Part

Take a look at the video below where you can see Vintage 1920 Mens Hairstyles

31.Gangster Hairstyle

The gangster hairstyle works best for males with hair a pair inches long. Create a side part then comb it back for a smooth style.


32. 1920s Hairstyle For Black Men

It may seem simple, but this haircut is smooth and short, showing everyone you’re all about business and being professional.


33. 1920 Mens Hairstyles With Beard

For men with face hair, this 1920s hairdo is a terrific choice. Make sure to utilize a bit of gel or mousse to maintain your hairs smooth.


34. 1920s Medium Hairstyle

This 1920s hairdo features flipped ends at shoulders created from a little wave and also straight bangs that quit just above the eyebrows.


35. 1920 Mens Hairstyles Fringe

1920s fringe is defined by a fluffy thick structure. You can encourage it by blow-drying hair after washing or letting it air dry as well as combing through with an enhancer brush.

1920s Fringe
Foto of 1920s Fringe

 36. Forehead Curls

These ideal luscious forehead curls were a staple of the 1920s and also it’s not hard to see why: they flatter any kind of face and accentuate the eyes.

Forehead Curls
Foto of Forehead Curls

37. 1920s Center Part

A center part is a traditional hairstyle. For a straight hairstyle, comb your part in right after washing and utilize item to smooth away frizz.

1920s Center Part
Foto of 1920s Center Part

38. 1920s Undercut Style

Undercuts will combine well with any 1920 mens hairstyles you select. This curly top attracts attention a lot more with the cut undercut as well as it also keeps fresh at the neck.

1920s undercut style
1920s undercut style

39. Slick Back Hair

A slicked back hairstyle is simple to get: merely comb in item through hair straight to the back. Whether you use it with a fade or not, you’ll look fantastic.

Slick Back Hair
Foto of Slick Back Hair

40. Side Part From The 1920 Mens Hairstyles

For an innovative and more professional appearance, a side component is an excellent option. The guy in the 1920s selected this for formal occasions, yet it can be styled at any time.

Side Part From The 1920s
Foto of Side Part From The 1920s

41. Greased Hairdo From The 1920s

Does Fancy a James Dean look? A greased style will have you looking like a model all the time, whether you’re at the gym or job.

Greased Hairdo From The 1920s
Foto of Greased Hairdo From The 1920s

42. Hairstyle For Receding Hairline

Older men experiencing a receding hairline will like just how a brief style with a quiff distracts. All over hair color or a little bit of silvery-gray can also aid perk up your look.

Hairstyle For Receding Hairline
Foto of Hairstyle For Receding Hairline

43. Short Wavy Hair

Short wavy hair is just one of the most usual hair types for guys. It won’t take much other than a comb via on layers and also maybe a little mousse in the early morning to maintain you looking excellent throughout the day.

Short Wavy Hair
Foto of Short Wavy Hair

44. Gentleman Haircut

The gent hairstyle features a pair much longer layers up top swept sideways as well as brief sides all smoothed with gel for excellent all-day hold.

Gentleman Haircut
Foto of Gentleman Haircut

 45. Finger Waves

A finger waves hairstyle adds vintage design to your everyday appearance. After a little bit of practice, this is a style you can do at home.

Finger Waves
Foto of Finger Waves

46. Slicked Back

Slicked Back
Foto of Slicked Back

47. Vintage Comb Over 

Vintage Comb Over
Foto of Vintage Comb Over

48. Classic Wavy Brush Back Of 1920 Mens Hairstyles

Classic Wavy Brush Back
Foto of Classic Wavy Brush Back

49. Hard Side Part

Hard Side Part
Foto of Hard Side Part

50. 1920s Hollywood Comb Over

1920s Hollywood Comb Over
Foto of 1920s Hollywood Comb Over

51. Classy Side Part

Classy Side Part
Foto of Classy Side Part

52. Old School Center Part

Old School Center Part
Foto of Old School Center Part

Take a look at the video below where you can see 1920s Men’s Fashion – Male Style From The Past

53. Long Tapered Sides + Parted Hair

Long Tapered Sides + Parted Hair
Foto of Long Tapered Sides + Parted Hair

54. Slick Top + Thick Sides

Slick Top + Thick Sides
Foto of Slick Top + Thick Sides

55. Classic Tapered Sides + Brush Up

Classic Tapered Sides + Brush Up
Foto of Classic Tapered Sides + Brush Up
Foto of vintage

1920s Hairdos For Guy – Stylish Cuts Topped With A Hat

With that said, I ‘d like to tell you regarding how the classic fashion of the hat impacted the hairstyles of men in the 20s so significantly. First Off, consider what occurs when you use a hat for a lengthy duration of time, you obtain hat hair. At that time, males did too only they called it points like helmet head as well as shiny leather hair.

It’s a good reason why a lot of hairstyles at that time were shiny, flat as well as low in regards to volume. Aside from the brief and moderate size hairstyles, there’s one more important attribute of the times. The majority of men had very glossy, slicked and oily hair at that time.

Grooming product was greater than commonly utilized to part the hair in typically three different ways. A center component, a side component or among the more popular selections, an easy, straight back style that was combed over the sides and also crown down the head. There’s the answer if you have actually ever asked yourself where the comb over stems from.

Explore the traditional cuts

To get a far better idea of the historical style at the time, I’ve created a really sharp collection of 1920s hairdos for guys below. Consider it your time machine the past’ there’s a lot of classy cut ideas to check out!

Foto of vintage

Foto of Vintage

Foto of Vintage
Foto of Vintage
Foto of vintage
1920s mens haircut charlie chaplin
Foto of 1920s mens haircut charlie chaplin
1920s mens hair style john barrymore
Foto of 1920s mens hair style john barrymore
1920s man with cool traditional hairstyle
Foto of 1920s man with cool traditional hairstyle
cary grant 1920s mens hairstyles
Foto of cary grant 1920s mens hairstyles
classic mens short to medium length 1920s haircut
Foto of classic mens short to medium length 1920s haircut
dapper short vintage guys 1920s hairstyles
Foto of dapper short vintage guys 1920s hairstyles
douglas fairbanks with stylish 1920s hairstyle
Foto of douglas fairbanks with stylish 1920s hairstyle,
edward beale mclean 1920 male hairstyle ideas
Foto of edward beale mclean 1920 male hairstyle ideas
gentlemen with 1920 mens hairstyles
Foto of gentlemen with 1920 mens hairstyles
harold lloyd 1920 mens hairstyles sophisticated
Foto of harold lloyd 1920 mens hairstyles sophisticated


  1. Will I look relevant with a retro hairstyle from the 1920s?

Vintage 1920s men’s hairstyles exemplified the refined gentleman. If you want to look stylish and make a good impression on your manners, then hairstyles from the 1920s with short hair are perfect. You should also pay attention to these hairstyles if you want to surprise a girl on a romantic date or impress your partners at a business meeting. It is worth stating unequivocally that the retro style of elegant hairstyles remains relevant to this day.


In General, men’s hairstyles from the 1920s are a stylish, beautiful, and practical way to style medium or short hair. You can get inspiration in your favorite retro movies. If you want to change your appearance and give your style an update, men’s hairstyles of the early 20th century can help. By taking inspiration from a particular decade or time and incorporating it into your modern image, you can make your appearance unique.


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