29 Classy 1950s Hairstyles for Men 2020

old school hairstyle

The designs lots of guys wore for their 50s hair style are returning today. Many of these styles never left the styling scene. Even the rocker look was tidy cut and trim.

Elvis Presley made some styles popular as did various other songs musicians of the fifties. Numerous stars aided to spread out the appearance of some styles. Take a look at the most preferred 1950s mens hairstyles as well as find out how you can do your hair in the same way.mens old school hairstyles

Popular 1950S Mens Hairstyles

The following are the most traditional hairdos put on by the 1950s man. Try them to instill in your contemporary haircut to obtain a retro look!

1. Classic Greaser

50s hairstyles men
Foto of 50’s hairstyles men

As the name greaser implies, this appearance is heavy on the designing products to develop that ‘damp’ and extremely slicked-back design.

Suitable for: Oval, Square, oblong, triangle and also heart-shaped faces.

How to Design: This 50’s hair styles search for men is everything about that little information such as the sharp and specified part, the pointed sideburns, and also the high luster. You will need extremely straight hair to achieve this smooth look.mens old school hairstyles

2. Modern Undercut

1950s mens hairstyles
Foto of 50’s hairstyles men

This is a typical 50’s hairstyles men slicked back undercut style but brought abuse to date with cut sides.

Suitable for: Square, heart and round faces.50s mens hairstyles

How to Style: The high gloss and slicked back style shout standard 50s style hair, however, the enhancement of the undercut sides has brought this vintage ‘do into the modern. It can be put on as an extremely stylish look yet still really conservative if you need a more paired down design for the job.

3. The 1950’s  Pompadour

mens 50s hairstyle
Foto of 50s hair men

The pompadour has returned right into style within the in 2015 and it continues to be just one of the best go-to hairdos for those seeking a perfect crowning glory to any kind of image.

Ideal for: Oval, square as well as triangular faces.50s mens hairstyles

How to Style: The crucial to excellent pomp is to add much-needed height to the front of the style. This can be achieved by a large barrel brush and a hairdryer. You can likewise have extra layering cut into your locks to help deal with any type of added weight which can quit those 50s hair style obtaining sky high.

4. Trunk With a Fade

50's hair styles
Foto of 50s hair men

The elephant trunk style was a staple ‘do in the 50’s hairstyles men and also components of it still stay in some designs today.

The key fundamentals to this look are the brushed back section along with the crown of the head and then a sweeping quiff (assume elephant trunk) at the front.mens old school hairstyles

Perfect for: Oblong, triangle, diamond and heart faces.

Exactly how to Design: You will certainly need some length to get this design right– around 3 or 4 inches throughout the crown as well as a bit a lot more around the forehead.

Brush your 50s hairstyles for long hair back with a strong hold pomade, after that utilizing a comb job the front of the hair upwards as well as inwards– properly curling it into a trunk shape.50s mens hairstyles

5. Conservative Style

1950's mens hairstyles
Foto of 1950’s mens hairstyles

The shade is intelligently used below to add movement and volume to the 50s style hair, with refined highlights around the sides and also a warmer hue throughout the crown.

Ideal for: Oblong, oblong, round, and also triangle faces.

Exactly how to Design: Speak with your stylist about color choices– you want something all-natural and also warming. By maintaining the length of your hair around the sides as well as the top you can attain the sweeping vintage look by using your fingers to tame the sides back with wax and also leaving the top natural and foppish.

6. Messy Waves

1950's mens hairstyles mens old school hairstyles
Foto of 1950’s mens hairstyles

Then decide for an extra rebellious 50s hair style with a retro take on bed hair, if extremely coiffed hair isn’t for you!

Suitable for: Oblong, ruby, heart and also triangular faces.

Exactly how to Design: This is a fantastic try to find those men with naturally curly or bumpy hair. Keep the sides and brief and also back neat so the interest is on that front quiffed piece. Tease into place making use of pomade or wax but don’t be as well picky concerning your follicles– the beauty of this look is its natural nature.

7. Jelly Roll

50's mens hairstyles mens old school hairstyles
Foto of 50’s mens hairstyles

The jelly roll is more frequently seen on vintage charms with their perfectly coiffed retro rolls– nevertheless, males can roll with the jelly style also.

Perfect for: Oval, square, round and heart-shaped faces.

How to Design: The undercut, as well as shaved part, are a clever contemporary take on a traditional vintage look. To design the major quiff portion, use a wide-toothed comb and also wax to tease the 1950s hairstyles for short hair up as well as in towards the facility component. Establish with a solid hold spray.

8. Long Quiff

vintage hairstyle for short hair
Foto of vintage hairstyle for short hair

Most traditional 1950’s mens hairstyles involve short hair, however, if you want to maintain some size then it’s a great means to improve a classic ‘do.

Ideal for: Oblong, heart, triangular and also diamond faces.

How to Design: Making use of a light hold wax or pomade, tease the sides of the hair back as well as keep in the area making use of hairspray or a seawater spray. Produce the all-natural looking quiff by backcombing the hair around the hairline and then brushing right into the area from each side of the temple.

9. Side Parted Hairstyle

50's hairstyles men
Foto of 1950 mens hairstyle

A quiff can be a ruthless design for those with larger temples nonetheless by coupling it with a side part you can mount your face a great deal much better!

Suitable for: Oblong, triangle, ruby and heart faces.

How to Style: By maintaining the sides neat and brief, this vintage 1950 mens hairstyle for short hair comes to be everything about the quiff. Add elevation around the forehead and crown of the head by teasing as well as setting with wax or strong hold spray.

10. Soft Curls

vintage hairstyle mens
Foto of 1950 mens hairstyle

If stark, as well as extremely greased hair, isn’t for you then give your 1950 mens hairstyle coiffure a contemporary twist by choosing a more all-natural finish.

Perfect for: Oblong, heart, diamond as well as triangular faces.

Just how to Design: Coiffure or aligning your hair can often offer that smooth and also extensive haircut of the 50s hair men— which indicates you may be able to do away with solid hold products. Utilizing a straightener, twist the iron in the direction of the scalp as you align to develop quantity and curl.

11. Retro Slicked Back

old school hairstyle
old school hairstyle

To maintain this look, you are mosting likely to need to stock up on a lot of hair gel!

Ideal for: Heart, round, triangle and oval faces.

Exactly how to Style: To achieve the elevation around the top of the 50s hair style, back brush the origins between the holy places. Clean back right into location making use of a high sparkle gel. The loosened items are optional yet an excellent method to frame the face!

12. Volume Quiff With Cropped Sides

50's hairstyles men
Foto of 50’s hairstyles men

This big volume quiff is a fantastic method to make a declaration however the short-cropped sides make it easier to preserve as well as give it that more contemporary ambiance.

Ideal for: Oblong, triangle, heart as well as ruby faces.

Exactly how to Style: The elevation and motion of this style are accomplished by having layers cut into the 50s hairstyles men for medium length hair. Blow-dry with the head upside down to get even more quantity and motion. Set in location using a hairspray or saltwater item.

13. Edgy Pompadour

old school hairstyle
Foto of old school hairstyle

This is an innovative and modern-day take on an or else fairly typical splendor vintage hairstyle mens that was put on by 1950’s males.

Ideal for: Oblong, triangular, heart as well as diamond faces.

How to Style: This large pompadour has been styled back into a V-shape behind the head. This shape is then matched with some creative shaved describing at the neck of the neck. The splendor will certainly take some job to get that volume– a large-barrel round brush and a hairdryer is your best bet for crafting that remarkable curl.

14. Retro  Ducktail

vintage haircut mens
Foto of vintage haircut mens

1950’s mens hairstyles are often very streamlined and straight, so what do those with even more curly sponges do? Embrace the rockabilly ducktail!

Ideal for: Oblong, ruby, heart and also triangle faces.

How to Design: Curly hair pairs so well with this vintage and also classic look. By clicking the sides of the hair back up as for the temple, create a center part, as well as using a comb and garrison spray, work the hair outwards and upwards to develop 2 ‘waves’ curling in towards the component

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15. Neat Crop

50's hairstyles men
Foto of 50’s hairstyles men

Modern, edgy however with a timeless vibe– this characteristic vintage quiff is brought current with modern chopped sides.

Ideal for: Oval, square, triangular, heart and also oblong faces.

Exactly how to Design: Keep the sides as well as back of the 50s style hair neat and short and have layering reduced into the leading part of the hair to include to the total height. This is a terrific style for those who desire to detract away from a declining hairline.

16. Coiffed Curls

old school hairstyle
Foto of old school hairstyle


This is an excellent retro 50’s hairstyles men for those with naturally curly hair.

Perfect for: Oblong, triangle, heart as well as ruby faces.

Exactly how to Style: To get this vintage quantity, talk to your stylist concerning adding layers to the entire head. Maintaining the sides and also back short yet leaving size at the top to display those all-natural curls. Scrunch completely dry with mousse but don’t over-design– you desire that natural and captivating impact.

17. Flat Top Teddy

old school haircuts
Foto of old school haircuts

The Teddy Child design is often characterized by elevation, volume, as well as an extra all-natural soft structure.

Suitable for: Oval, round, oblong and heart faces.

How to Design: By slicking the sides of the hair back around the holy places as well as ears, tease the top length of the 50s style hair back into a splendor or quiff. Go easy on the product though– you wish to preserve a more kicked back design.

18. Modern Wavy Style

1950s hairstyles for short hair
Foto of 1950s hairstyles for short hair

Not every person is blessed with the 50s hair style they want– if you have online poker-straight hair yet wish to attain a volume and wave it is feasible via smart cutting as well as clever styling.

Suitable for: Oblong, heart, ruby and triangular faces.

Just how to Design: By getting your stylist to cut in your parting you can achieve this distinction as well as plain contrast in between the side and top of the hairdo.

If you do not have curly or curly hair, it can be accomplished using a curling iron and after that using your fingers to divide the swirls. Do not overdo it though! You want a natural kink.

19. Reverse Trunk

mens 50s hairstyle
Foto of mens 50s hairstyle

This males’ 50s style hair look can be accomplished either as a reverse trunk or as a reverse take on a ducktail.

Perfect for: Oval, square and triangular faces.

How to Design: By brushing the hair up and inwards to the center to create that distinct facility component. By including a flick at the end, you will have the perfect trunk or keep completions of the design neater for a duck ‘do that will certainly drive them quack-ers!

20. Ombre Trunk

50's hairstyles men
Foto of 50’s hairstyles men

The elephant trunk is a functional style that can be coupled with different vintage haircut mens to produce an entire makeover. You can consider an undercut or include some interpretation with color.

Ideal for: Oblong, triangular, diamond and heart faces.

Just how to Style: For dark hair, an ombre shade is a timeless as well as a subtle alternative for including interpretation and included style to a coiffure. Have your stylist run some fragile as well as understated warm tones through the front of your hair to consider that ‘trunk’ some extra wildness!

21. Rockabilly/Pompadour Hairstyle

mens 50s hairstyle
Foto of mens 50s hairstyle

Elvis Presley put on the popular rockabilly style, additionally described as the pompadour. This 1950’s mens hairstyles design is easy to achieve by using a pomade on towel-dried out, damp hair. Keep in mind hair have to be damp, not wet.

Making use of pomade, slick back the sides while allowing longer hair on top to move freely in a poof. Make sure to enable a couple of strands to tip over on the forehead for a genuine, free appearance.

22. Slicked Back Hairstyle

 50s mens hairstyles
Foto of 50s mens hairstyles

An additional style that Bela Lugosi assists to make popular was just the slicked-back look. His role as Dracula made this style much more enticing to followers. Producing this look is very easy by combing hair directly back without components using a styling cream.

Designing gels made use of today would be the very best as well as the closest selection to the lotions used in the 50s hairstyles men for medium length hair. You could additionally ask your hairstylist concerning the most effective brand names to utilize for your hair.

23. Classic Side-Swept Hairstyle

1950s hairstyles for short hair
Foto of 1950s hairstyles for short hair

While the younger generations in the 50’s hairstyles men assisted in making the pompadour as well as rockabilly styles famous, the older, extra resolved males made the traditional look preferred.

Actors like Clark Gable and also Cary Give used this design well for several years into their occupations. It is a straight cut with a part on one side or the other. Lotion or gel is likewise used to hold the design in place as it is nicely combed back, exposing the ears.

24. Crew Cut

old school hairstyle
Foto of old school hairstyle

The staff cut style has a considerable definition for the men choosing to use it. This 1950s mens hairstyle was embraced by the armed forces to replace the old design, traditional buzz cut.

The man with a crew cut had the appearance of being liable as well as secure. The style came to be prominent with federal government officials as well as various other men that held roles of management because of this look. The 50s hair men generated this cut and also it is still as popular today as it was back then.

25. Crew Cut With Flat Top

50's hairstyles men
Foto of 50’s hairstyles men

The crew cut and also level leading styles are cut close on the sides of the head above the ears and on around the head. The hair on the top is level and also box-shaped, providing the style a distinguishing appearance. The top cut slopes into a shorter size in the back.

The 1950s mens hairstyles are still popular today because they have a cool as well as presentable look. A lot of these designs, also the wildest ones, can be thought about to be the embodiment of the clean-cut guy.

The styles many males used for their hair in the 1950s are coming back today. Just how to Style: The essential to the best splendor is to add much-needed elevation to the front of the design. Just how to Style: The height and movement of this style are accomplished by having layers cut right into the hair. Just how to Style: This huge pompadour has been styled back into a V-shape at the back of the head. Exactly how to Style: Keep the sides and back of the hair neat as well as brief and have layering reduced into the top portion of the hair to include to the overall elevation.

26. Mad Men Hairstyles

With the appeal of slick styles today, there has been a renewal in vintage-inspired looks. Ideas commonly come from going right to the source if you’re looking for something different. Take a look at these 1950s hairstyles for men’s photos to find your new look.

50's hairstyles men
Foto of 50’s hairstyles men

Pomades like Royal Crown, Black & White, as well as Murray’s Superior were the most preferred styling products in the 1950’s man. These oil- and wax-based products make glossy, neat, as well as creative hairdos feasible.

With stronghold that needs de-greasing hair shampoo or meal detergent to rinse, 1950s hairdos were glossy, high, and occasionally with the artful waves, jumps, and also curls. Keep it simple like over or go with something like Cary Grant’s rollicking design listed below.

27. Cary Grant

vintage haircut mens
Foto of vintage haircut mens

To check out your version of Cary Grant’s hair start with one of the vintage haircut mens pomades mentioned above or a contemporary upgrade like water-based Suavecito and also Steadfast or petroleum-free Knees oil.

As well many products can make hair limp and also oily. With a fine-tooth comb, part hair at the side as well as begin functioning hair across the various other sides. The pomade needs to make hair pliable and stay in location.

28. Retro Hairstyles

vintage hairstyle for short hair
Foto of vintage hairstyle for short hair

For a less complex and more conventional retro vintage hairstyle for short hair, there’s always slick hair, with or without shine. For a contemporary upgrade, wear this hairstyle with undercut sides. This hairdo can be a lot more official, particularly with some shine to it. Use it to function, out on the community, as well as to unique occasions coupled with your most stylish duds. For guys with thick hair, this is a superb best hairdo that never watches out of location, also on the football field.

29. Greaser Hairstyles

1950's man
Foto of 1950’s man

The 1950’s mens hairstyles were not without its rebels and also negative young boys. Greasers were motivated by James Dean, Marlon Brandon, and also Elvis Presley. The name is derived from the signature greased hairdos yet is also related to natural leather jackets, jeans with rolled cuffs, Reverse All-Stars, motorbikes, as well as racers.

Whatever you want to wear with it, the pompadour looks as good today as it ever did. Look to Morrissey’s one-of-a-kind hair to see exactly how greaser hair can be messy and coiffed at the very same time.

Much of the most popular men’s hairstyles for 2014 are influenced by glossy 1950s designs as well as are being reduced by a rebirth of barbershops throughout the nation. Take pleasure in these 1950s designs in their initial type or one of the many updates for this year.

With the popularity of glossy designs today, there has been a resurgence in vintage-inspired appearances. If you’re looking for something various, suggestions typically come from going right to the source. Check out these 1950s hairdos for males images to locate your brand-new look.

For people with thick hair, this is an exceptional best hairdo that never looks out of the area, even on the football field.

Look to Morrissey’s unique hair to see how greaser hair can be unpleasant as well as coiffed at the same time.

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