23 Box Braids Hairstyles For Men 2020

box braid bun

This hairstyle was actually used through grows older, it was actually not till the very early ’90s when the container braids came to be well-liked as a result of the Hip-Hop artists like Snoop Dogg as well as pop star Janet Jackson.

Box Braids Men Hairstyle Ideas

Box Braids Photo Gallery is here:

1. Curtain Box Braids

men box braids
Foto of men box braids

2. Men Box Braids

box braids for guys
Foto of box braids for guys

3. Snoop Dogg Box Braids

box braids for men
Foto of box braids for men

4. Travis Scott Box Braids

braids for men with short hair
Foto of braids for men with short hair

5. Faded Box Braids

short box braids
Foto of short box braids

6. Red Box Braids

short box braids hairstyles
Foto of short box braids hairstyles

7. Thick Box Braids

box braids short
Foto of box braids short

8. Ponytail Box Braids

box braid short hair
Foto of box braid short hair

9. Long Box Braids

amazing braids
Foto of amazing braids

10. Short Box Braids

box haircut
Foto of box haircut

11. Circular Box Braids

box braid bun
Foto of box braid bun

12. Braids with Fade

braids with fade
Foto of braids with fade

13. Box Braids with Accessories

short braids
Foto of short braids

14. Top Knot Box Braids

red box braids
Foto of red box braids

15. Box Braids Bun

hair for box braids
Foto of hair for box braids

16. Box Braids with Hat

medium length box braids
Foto of medium length box braids

17. Medium Length Box Braids

men french braids
Foto of men french braids

18. Chris Brown Box Braids

short braid hairstyles
Foto of short braid hairstyles


black and silver box braids
Foto of black and silver box braids

Cornrows are a very common and popular hairstyle among the black men. One can make the rows using box braid short hair.

20. Best Hair For BOX BRAIDS

best hair for box braids
Foto of best hair for box braids

Though most of the box braids men are done right from the root of the hair, you can also apply the amazing braids on the outer part of the hair.



snoop dogg braids
Foto of snoop dogg braids

This type of men’s box braids can be worn in regular life. The natural hair has been turned into box men french braids.



hair extensions for black men
Foto of hair extensions for black men

Artificial braids look more beautiful as natural hair is tough to style with box haircut braids. So extensions can play a big role here.


twist box braids
Foto of twist box braids

The white scalp and the black color is a great combination to look noticeable. One can apply extreme parting to get such a hairstyle.

What Is A Box Braids For Guys Hairstyle?

Distinguishing coming from various other braid styles and also cornrows, package pigtails hairdo is actually a straight form intertwining design, through which the hair is actually certainly not securely planned the scalp.

Carton pigtails are actually simple to maintain, lasting for months, and may be styled in numerous lengths and methods.

On the planet of fashion trends,short braid hairstyles happen as well as hairdos go, but Carton pigtails hairstyles have ended up being a significantly well-known option to chemical processing and other short box braids hairstyles that require higher maintenance.

Box braids short are actually a safety hairdo that is optimal for always keeping natural hair well-balanced.

Box pigtails hairdos are actually attractive and attractive, and also are actually fast becoming a prominent trend for males and personalities like Jessica Alba and also non-celebrities too.

Coming from side container short braids and also traditional French pigtails, there are actually many pigtails hairdos that look awesome and also are actually simple.

Box braid bun pigtails function personal platters, which are made through sectioning off hair into tiny squares and intertwining from the origins.

Package pigtail includes the use of hair extensions as well as is actually rather well-liked along with the African United States area, in addition to a lot of various other nations.

It is additionally one of the most long-lasting of braids hairdos.

It could be any kind of size as well as length; several males select to include expansions to their natural hair to develop carton braids that are long, full as well as assume.

And also being protective, container pigtails hairstyles are actually likewise low-maintenance, needing minimal styling as well as washing.

Having pointed out that, permit’s see the types of package braids hairstyles offered around and also which one you can easily decide on to plate this month.

They are actually funkier as well as even more stylish, therefore you need to have to be actually informed of the appeal you yearn for to attain so as to make the correct selection.

Box Braids with Short Hair

This kind of carton braids hairdo is actually for any kind of man.

If anybody has fairly an interest in container intertwining his hair, however possibly perform not possess hair that is long, he can in for this hairdo.

He is going to most likely need to leave the pigtail be yet the appeal is going to still look adorable as well as really good.

Medium Hair for Box Braids

Toolbox pigtails may create a distinctive appearance without looking too huge or bulky.

Because of this, they are actually optimal for those along with delicate facial components.

An additional advantage of this sort of box braids for men is actually that they may even more quickly be put on in an up-do than more thick designs.

Box Braids with a Short Twist

When performed properly, there is no range of container pigtails appearing messy.

The braids for men with short hair listed here is split right into containers which are actually in proportion, which makes the hairstyle much more enticing as well as pleasing.

The spins are performed properly, guaranteeing an impeccable appeal.

Long Hair Box Braids

Long package pigtails may be fairly attractive.

You can either let your hair increase out that long and then carton intertwined it or let the hair develop out a little at that point utilize hair extension to make it longer.

Thick Box Braids

Significant package pigtails hairdo carries out not just show up frankly elegant, however, they also provide guys’ hair much more defense.

In addition to that, their plus size permits additional defined area sides, indicating that a person can easily generate squares as well as various other designs.

Full Head Box Braids

Full mind carton braids with the middle of parting.

Forget the vanish hairstyles combined right into package braids hairstyles; you can just go the easy technique and also possess all the hair on your mind plaited into incredible box pigtails.

Blonde Box Braids

Perform you want to lighten your appearance? Golden-haired pigtails are a fantastic technique to do it.

The best component is actually, through braiding in blonde hair extensions, you can totally improve your appearance without a reduction of color.


If you are the sort of guy that loves the uniqueness, this set is going to offer you properly.

Most people are going to have their hair portioned right into square little bits instead of in cuneate sections.

It is achievable for you to likewise to attain this well-maintained and orderly look.

Jumbo Box Braids

It is actually a lot easier to make a braid along with lengthy hair.

All you need to accomplish is actually obtain a nice elastic band that is going to keep your hair in position.

You might likewise spruce up the look with accessories that may be sterling silver, gold, etc

Red Box Braids

Red Box Braids For the men that like a claim type, red box braids are a great choice.

All one demand to perform is to pick his best shade.

From extreme cherry red colors to rich burgundy shades, there are a number of reddish shades from you which you may pick.

The History Of Box Braids Hairstyle

The Record Of Package Braids Hairstyle Package Braids hairstyle could be traced back to Ancient Africa when Namibian tribes used this hairdo as a symbol of a wide range and also power. Being a necessary social activity, the seniors of the tribe would teach the youngest just how to intertwine the hair as well as how to reveal on their own by means of hairstyles.

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