105 Punk Hairstyles for Guys (2022)

Tribal Punk Hairstyles

Punk culture has been around for nearly 50 years now and is known for being crazy, loud, and unconventional in every way. For the guys, male punk hairstyles have been at the center of everything. The classic punk style included the Mohawk, spikes, and experiments with color. Punk hairstyles male is not limited to this though.

Here are our 105 favorite punk hairstyles for guys.

Popular Mens Punk Hairstyles

1. Liberty Spikes

Let’s start with one of the signature mens punk hairstyles; liberty spikes. This style stands out through long and thick spikes reaching as far out as possible. The spikes can either be black or multicolored. You’ll even match your spike cuffs too.

Liberty Spikes Mens Punk Hairstyles

2. Liberty Spikes Mohawks

Here is liberty spikes hair in action again, only this time they are in mohawk form. Not many male punk hairstyles scream out punk rockers look like this style. It makes sense if you have a liberty spike hairstyle already so change things up and go for it.

Liberty Spikes Mohawks Mens Punk Hairstyles

3. Fanned Mohawk

Another absolute classic of the punk mohawk hairstyle male rock culture. The fanned mohawk has been used by guys since the birth of punk. Shave off the sides and grow out the spikes for the most effective style.

Mens Punk Hairstyles Fanned Mohawk

You can watch the video below Mens Punk Hairstyles

4. Faux Hawks

These are becoming increasingly popular in the punk rock hair community. The faux hawk is a mohawk but just nowhere near as long. For those of you with short hair, this is an easy one to try.

Mens Punk Hairstyles Faux Hawks

5. Relaxed Mohawks

Sometimes you might not be in the mood to put up a full punk mohawk hairstyles male. This is where the relaxed style comes in and looks just as good down as it does up. Give it a try and you may end up doing it more often than not.

Mens Punk Hairstyles Relaxed Mohawks

6. Death Hawks

So, by now we are all on the same page in terms of the different mohawks available to you. However, there is also the death of a hawk hairstyle. Death rockers will want this look. The style requires even longer and intrusive spikes, like the picture above.

Punk Hairstyles Death Hawks

7. Spiky Punk Hairstyles

This could easily be known as the Sid Vicious rock hairstyles. He had the great punk fashion sense and the spirit of the Sex Pistols legend lives on to this day through his iconic hair. Being inspired by one of the greatest punk rocker look icons of all time is nothing to be ashamed of.

Spiky Punk Hairstyles

8. Long Top and Shaved Sides

This is like a punk hairstyle male mohawk, but the top isn’t so extreme. Wearing this style saves time playing around with the spikes that come with the mohawk but still gives you a sense of classic punk hairstyles male. There are plenty of styles to choose from.

Long Top and Shaved Sides Punk Hairstyles

9. Undercut Punk Hairstyles

Some punks don’t want to rock spiked hairstyles 80s hairstyles men but still, want to get those punk hair men vibes flowing. If this is you, try an undercut. Like a mohawk, you’ll need to shave the back and sides, but the style will be a welcome break from the spikes if that’s what you’re looking for.

Undercut Punk Hairstyles

10. Pompadours

With rock and roll as the foundation for the larger genre that punk is part of, it’s natural that we would regard the pompadour. The sleek hairstyle is a direct representation of the aforementioned lifestyle, standing out through a carefully styled top.

Pompadours Mens Punk Hairstyles

11. Tribal Punk Hairstyles

These punk hairstyles men are like a mohawk but instead of shaving the sides, they are made to look like tribal patterns. The punk 80’s hair men on top are the pinned up to look like a mohawk. A good alternative style if you are feeling like taking a step into the world of mohawks.

Tribal Punk Hairstyles

12. 80s Colorful Punk Mohawk

It may have been born in the 70s hairstyles men, but modern punk fashion is based on the 80s hair men. With this in mind, pay your respects to the great age and go for a bright colored style from the era.

80s Colorful Punk Hairstyles Mohawk

13. Barbershop Punk Hair

For those of you with a fro, we have got you covered too. No doubt you find it tough to get a mohawk punk so adapt it slightly and go for a barbershop punk hairstyle. Shave the sides and twist the tops upwards and you’re ready to embrace the punk life.

Barbershop Punk Hair

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14. Emo Punk Hairstyles

Some people don’t regard emo as punk but for the sake of argument, we are including it on this list anyway. That means you can keep your emo styled bangs swept as much as you like and still rock that punk look. Just remember to keep it over your eyes, not in them.

Emo Punk Hairstyles

15. Curly Punk Hairstyles

You’ll most often find punk hairstyles for guys with black hair and straight hair, but that doesn’t mean you can’t rock one regardless of your texture. For example, if you have natural curls, you can use them to your advantage and get a wider mohawk.

Curly Punk Hairstyles

16. Dreadlock Hairstyles

For as far back as anyone can remember, 80s hairstyles for guys have always been a tool for expressing cultures, values, and personalities. That’s why you can mix different elements today and get a truly unique hairstyle, such as dreadlocks with a mohawk.

Dreadlock Hairstyles

17. Devilocks

The devilocks is a mens punk hairstyles that have become a thing because of The Misfits. Jerry Only was brave enough to pull this off and to be honest, he did a damn good job. Slick back your sides and you’re perfect.

Devilocks Mens Punk Hairstyles

18. Punk Bowl Cuts

Yet another modern hairstyle with a punk vibe is the messy bowl cut. If you decide on getting these 80s men hairstyles, we encourage you to put it side by side with an undercut. You can even pick different tones for the top and underneath.

Punk Hairstyles Bowl Cuts

19. Goth Punk Hairstyle

Take a step into the gothic scene with a punk hairstyle that represents the culture. If you have thick, straight hair, you will find it easy to adapt. Just bear in mind it may take a while to prepare (but if you have a mohawk, you’ll probably save time.) Goth hairstyles have been revamped this season. Goth haircuts vary from simple cuts with outrageously-dyed locks to crazy hair extensions.

Goth Punk Hairstyle

20. Punk Hairstyles For School

The last style on this list is for kids that want to be punk guys but still have to follow the rules at school or at home. Try a faux hawk so you don’t get in too much trouble. If you can get away with it, you can shave the sides but don’t risk if you aren’t sure.

Punk Hairstyles For School

21. Mohawk Red Spiky Hairstyle

This is an excellent punk hairstyle for guys, where the Mohawks are about a foot in height and colored red to make others turn their heads.

Mohawk Red Spiky Hairstyle

22. Shaved Curly Punk Hairstyle

This is among the cutting-edge punk hairstyles men, where the sides are totally shaved and the curly hairdo to add height to the volume on top. Some strands fall over the forehead.

Shaved Curly Punk Hairstyle

23. Technicolor Mohawk

You can discover the multicolored hair matching with the tattoo on the arms as well as body, to make this punk rock hair guys design a distinct one. This hairstyle is most definitely difficult.

Mens Punk Hairstyles Technicolor Mohawk

24. The Personality Punk Hairstyle

This is completely a personality punk hairdo, where the hair locks are styled into blue spikes. This is truly among the distinctive punk mohawks hairdos for individuals.

The Personality Punk Hairstyle

25. The Punk Pompadour

This is a terrific punk mohawks hairdo, where the whole quantity of 80s mens hair is offered a substantial elevation as well as formed like a pyramid on the top. A sense of special character.

The Punk Pompadour

26. Fauxhawk Diamond Pattern Hairstyle

You can discover this hairdo to be totally out of the standards. With the hair dyed light blue as well as spiked, and also the sides styled with a ruby pattern, this mens punk hairstyle is absolutely eye capturing.

Fauxhawk Diamond Pattern Hairstyle

27. The Short Shaved Punk Hairstyle

The sides are cut short with a clear line of separation, as well as the hair on the top is styled in a semi pompadour design.

The Short Shaved Punk Hairstyle

28. Mohawk Punk Style for Older Men

Older guys additionally have a right to wear the punk hairstyles, as this set demonstrates. The Spiky Mohawk is styled only at the certre of the head, as well as is enhanced with a beard design.

Mohawk Punk Style for Older Men

29. Short Dark Punk

This hairstyle includes reducing the hair to shorter lengths and then styled to develop a semi pompadour. The pompadour is made a little untidy to contribute to the design.

Short Dark Punk Hairstyles

30. Short Undercut

Undercut hairstyles are the most popular punk hairstyles men. The Short Undercut features longer hair on the top with trimmed sides to give the hairstyle a flattering appearance.

Mens Punk Hairstyles Short Undercut

31. Sides Shaved Messy

This hairstyle entails maintaining the hair on the leading tool in size as well as made untidy, with the sides as well as the back having an undercut.

Sides Shaved Messy

32. Geometric Shaved Head

This hairstyle is a fantastic punk hairdo for short hair, where the ultra-brief hair gives a distinct look to the geometric pattern of the hairstyle.

Geometric Shaved Head Punk Hairstyles

33. Punk Dark Hairstyle

This is just one of the punk haircuts for guys, which is styled with lengthy spikes falling over the forehead, with some part covering the other sides. This hairdo is hot looking.

Punk Dark Hairstyle

34. The Skinhead Punk Hairstyle

This hairstyle is a spin of the timeless punk style, where the head is tidy cut et cetera left naturally as it is. A color of color may be added.

With male punk hairstyles being flaunted in different patterns, a wise choice must be made so as to match the shape of your face as well as the head. It is best to look for the aid of professional barbers to help you choose the right kind amongst punk hairdos for individuals.

The Skinhead Punk Hairstyle

35. Fanned Mohawk Punk Hairstyles for Guys

It would be ill-mannered to the subculture if we would have started with any other punk hairstyles for guys than the timeless ones. Ever since the 70s, fanned mohawks have been a staple of punk design, with a lengthy and also narrow top and also cut sides.

Fanned Mohawk Punk Hairstyles for Guys

36. Tribal Punk Thick Mohawk with Side Braids

You could utilize a tribal punk hairdo as a choice if you’re not up to cut your head. Basically, it entails teasing the top of your hair to resemble a mohawk and also entwining the hairs on the sides to make it appear as if they were shaven.

Tribal Punk Thick Mohawk with Side Braids

37. Blonde Curly Mohawk With Hair Decal

You’ll frequently find punk hairstyles on guys with straight hair, but that doesn’t suggest you can’t shake one no matter your appearance. If you have normally curly hair, you can use them to your benefit as well as get a broader mohawk.

Blonde Curly Mohawk With Hair Decal

38. Relaxed Mohawk Punk Hairstyles for Guys

If you end up getting a classic mohawk, you may not depend on styling it typically regularly. Well, you shouldn’t fret since the hairstyle looks equally as good when the hair is left down. Skip a hairdo day as well as attempt using your hawk-like in the image below.

Relaxed Mohawk Punk Hairstyles for Guys

39. Long Top Punk Haircut with Disconnected Undercut

Some people wish to stay clear of mohawks altogether but are still searching for a punk edge. If you find yourself in this circumstance, we recommend opting for an undercut hairstyle. This suggests that you’ll be cutting down the back part of your head as well, and also you can additionally go for a separated variation.

Long Top Punk Haircut with Disconnected Undercut

40. Short Hair Mohawk

We never ever thought we would certainly utilize words Sean Paul as well as punk in the very same sentence, but it simply occurs that his hairdo in this shot is excellent. Even if you do not have long hair just yet, you can gradually start dealing with a mohawk for short hair.

Short Hair Mohawk Punk Hairstyles

41. Mohawk with Hair Designs

You’ll absolutely have a more challenging time obtaining a traditional mohawk if you have afro-textured hair. You can adapt the design to your hair structure with a barbershop haircut. Use sponge twists for the top and also opt for shaved or tapered sides.

Mohawk with Hair Designs

42. Faux Hawk Punk Hairstyles for Guys

A prominent alternative nowadays for punk hairstyles is the artificial hawk. “Faux” is the French term for “incorrect”, so you can guess what the concept represents. Basically, it’s the simplest means to recreate a mohawk without in fact obtaining one.

Faux Hawk Punk Hairstyles for Guys

43. Spiked Hairstyle

There’s no doubting that Sid Vicious is just one of the best punk symbols in history. Throughout his brief yet impactful profession, the Sex Handguns bass player was widely related to his striking presence. To this day, his very spiky hairdo is as famous as his name.

Spiked Punk Hairstyle for Guys

44. Punk Hairstyles Fit for School

What if you enjoy punk as well as desire a punk haircut yet you need to follow a strict collection of rules at home or at school? You can try getting a smaller sized mohawk to stay clear of entering problem. In addition, we suggest that you don’t cut the sides completely for the very same reason.

Punk Hairstyles Fit for School

45. Longer Top and Shaved Sides Dyed Electric Blue

An additional one of the mohawk’s “cousins” is the edgy longer top as well as cut side hairstyle. By wearing one, you won’t have to handle the hefty upkeep that comes with a classic mohawk. You’ll have a lot more styling choices available.

Longer Top and Shaved Sides Dyed Electric Blue

46. Emo Punk Hairstyles for Guys

Although emo and punk are two unique genres, we’ll be concerning the former as a part of the pop-punk group. As a result, you can additionally consider getting an emo hairdo, with long bangs swept to the side and also over the eyes.

Emo Punk Hairstyles for Guys

47. Blonde and Pink Mohawk

The multi-talented Jared Leto is familiar with punk hairdos for people. At the peak of his music job with 30 Seconds to Mars, Leto would usually be seen with a punk mohawk, occasionally with eccentric hair color combinations like pink and also blonde.

Blonde and Pink Mohawk

48. Messy Forward Sweep Undercut

Above all, a punk hairdo is all about mindset. That indicates that you don’t necessarily have to obtain a mohawk to stand for the lifestyle, however an edgy hairdo that reveals the worths of the subculture. An option could be the messy undercut hairstyle below.

Punk Hairstyles Messy Forward Sweep Undercut

49. Liberty Spikes Mohawks

An additional means you can shake liberty spikes is by styling them like a mohawk. It helps, naturally, if you currently have the base haircut for the design, but you can also think about getting it particularly to wear liberty spikes hairstyles.

Liberty Spikes Mohawks

50. Thick Hair with Undercut Dyed Peach?

While some people might effortlessly manage a mohawk with thick hair, others will have a difficult time doing so. In this instance, we recommend considering a shorter option. You can get a buzz cut-like to undercut around, and leave the hair an inch long on the upper component.

Thick Hair with Undercut Dyed Peach?

51. Tapered Pompadour Punk Hairstyles for Guys

With rock-and-roll as the foundation for the bigger style that punk is part of, it’s natural that we would pertain to the pompadour. The streamlined hairstyle is a direct depiction of the abovementioned lifestyle, standing apart via a meticulously styled top.

Tapered Pompadour Punk Hairstyles for Guys

52. 80s Punk Hairstyles for Guys

Although punk has been around for years, all of us need to admit that the British punks of the 80s have actually formed the basic photo of the subculture today. To pay homage, you can get an 80s mohawk in the colors of your selection.

80s Punk Hairstyles for Guys

 53. The Greaser Hairstyle

Years before punk was a family term, greasers made the 40s & 50s come to life with their unconventional design. In our times, the hairstyle connected with the greaser subculture is as elegant and also elegant as ever before for guys of any ages.

The Greaser Hairstyle

54. Layered Haircut With Full Beard

What if you want to include meaning as well as structure to your punk hairstyle? You need to leave the facility portion a bit bigger than you would certainly for a normal mohawk. Later, obtain the lengthy component cut in layers for a vibrant hairdo.

Layered Haircut With Full Beard

55. Slicked Back Top with Undercut

The modern punk doesn’t need to shake a mohawk to be considered one. In fact, many guys now like gelled back hairstyles with skin fade undercuts as choices. Make sure that the hair on the top is long sufficient so you can glossy it back.

Slicked Back Top with Undercut

56. Dreadlocks with Short Dyed Sides

For as far back as any individual can bear in mind, hairstyles have constantly been a device for sharing worths, characters, and also cultures. That’s why you can blend various aspects today and get a genuinely unique hairdo, such as dreadlocks with a mohawk.

Dreadlocks with Short Dyed Sides

57. Grunge Hairstyle

There’s no much better icon to get ideas from than the late Kurt Cobain if you lean a lot more towards the grunge side of rock music. The Nirvana frontman was understood for his punk mindset, as well as additionally for his shaggy and also negligent shoulder-length locks.

Grunge Hairstyle

58. The Buzz Cut

Ironic as it might appear, punk hairstyles for guys can often accompany military haircuts. Well, at least if you recognize how to tailor them. As an example, you can obtain a buzz cut and provide it a punk ambiance by coloring it a nonconformist shade.

Mens Punk Hairstyles Buzz Cut

59. Goth Punk Hairstyles For Guys

Step into various other subgenres with a hairdo that’s borderline goth and emo. We encourage you to regard this hairdo if you have straight and reasonably thick hair and also you do not mind spending an additional hr preparing yourself in the early morning.

Goth Punk Hairstyles For Guys

60. Textured Messy Forward Sweep

With the right haircut as well as hair gel, you can get an awesomely distinctive punk hairdo. You’ll invest just a few mins putting the untidy look together. To obtain the outcomes you desire, it additionally aids to have your hair partly blonde with dark origins.

Textured Messy Forward Sweep

61. Teal Mohawk with Blonde Roots

Out of shade motivation for your punk hairstyle? You understand we’ve obtained your back! Out of the countless shades you can pick from, we advise you to take teal right into consideration. It’s a brave hair color that goes well with most punk characters.

Teal Mohawk with Blonde Roots

62. The Hard Part Pompadour

Allow’s say that you chose for a shaved side hairstyle rather than a common mohawk. To place it shortly, you will certainly be accentuating your natural component by thinly cutting it.

The Hard Part Pompadour

63. Long & Straight Punk Hairstyles for Guys

After speaking about punk hairdos for people with thick hair, we want to follow up with an example for the opposite. If you have great hair, you can simply allow it to expand to shoulder-length (or longer) as well as leave it down.

Long & Straight Punk Hairstyles for Guys

64. Scene Punk Hairstyles For Guys

One more pop-punk hairdo you can check out is scene hair. Despite the fact that it can be found in quite close to the emo hair, as a result of the shape, scene hairstyles stand out through dazzling colors. Basically, you can select any kind of color of the rainbow for your scene hair.

Scene Punk Hairstyles For Guys

65. Death Hawk Punk Hairstyles For Guys

We’re all on the exact same page when it pertains to mohawks, yet what concerning death hawks? A hairstyle commonly associated with deathrock, the fatality hawk is an adaptation of the mohawk. It features longer as well as teased spikes, along with lengthy hairs.

Death Hawk Punk Hairstyles For Guys

66. Asymmetrical Long Bangs

Lengthy bangs are a carefree replacement for snazzy punk hairstyles for people. They will not attract as much attention, yet you’ll still be revealing your love for rock music. Optionally, incorporate different shades into your long bangs hairstyle.

Mens Punk Hairstyles Asymmetrical Long Bangs

67. Rockabilly Hairstyle

Allow’s go back to the roots for a minute and also talk about the rockabilly design. It represents one of the very first types of rock music ever, blending aspects of R&B and also the nation. You can stand for the activity among the linked hairdos.

Rockabilly Hairstyle

68. Messy Mohawk with Head Tattoo

There isn’t uncertainty in the world that punk comes together with an absence of care for society’s requirements. For that reason, it’s typical that punk hairstyles for individuals would certainly be fierce and unpleasant, especially mohawks.

Messy Mohawk with Head Tattoo

69. Afro-Textured Punk Hairstyles For Guys

Jean-Michel Basquiat is another famous figure in history that was recognized for having a defiant personality. His signature hairdo serves as ideas for African-American males that intend to rock fears with a punk mindset.

Afro-Textured Punk Hairstyles For Guys

70. The V-Shaped Undercut

The most effective way to obtain a fake hawk around is, arguably, with a V-shaped undercut. Owing to the form at the rear of the neck, this undercut design can get you quite close to a mohawk. You can even customize your own with a shaved layout.

The Punk Hairstyles V-Shaped Undercut

71. Voluminous Forward Sweep with Short Sides

Unmanageable hair is a conclusive facet of punk hairstyles. To put it simply, you can let your hair grow longer, obtain an undercut to shape the hairdo, and also design the longer leading as messily as you ‘d like. You can also bring your bangs forward and also up.

Voluminous Forward Sweep with Short Sides

72. Pink Mohawk with Black Tips

We have actually seen a lot of colorful mohawks until now, however, there are a couple of as vibrant as the one in the picture listed below. As opposed to dyeing your hair in straight layers, you can pick to obtain an extra shade, yet only on your suggestions.

Pink Mohawk with Black Tips

73. Bleached Bowl Cut Punk Hairstyles for Guys

One more modern hairdo with a punk ambiance is the untidy dish cut. We encourage you to put it side by side with an undercut if you choose on obtaining this hairstyle. You can also select different tones for the leading and below.

Bleached Bowl Cut Punk Hairstyles for Guys

74. Mohawk for Men with Receding Hairlines

If you have a declining hairline, the Clash’s Joe Strummer is evidence that you can draw off a punk hairdo also. In fact, a mohawk is a smart way of hiding receding hairlines thanks to the hairless side facet.

Mohawk for Men with Receding Hairlines

75. Punk Hairstyles For Guys with Hair Tattoos

You might as well make the most of your youth with a daring hairdo if you’re a teen. You can get a mohawk or synthetic hawk as well as utilize the sides as well as/ or back to get a hair tattoo. Select your favorite layout and reach work!

Punk Hairstyles For Guys with Hair Tattoos

76. Rainbow Mohawk

Punk hairdos will certainly never limit you to particular hair colors. You can color your hair any kind of tone, from cherry-red to imperial blue and even warm pink. A lot more so, you can combine a multitude of colors for a rainbow mohawk.

Mens Punk Hairstyles Rainbow Mohawk

77. Devilock Hairstyle

The devilock is a hairstyle that has become practically identified with The Misfits. In this shot, you can see Jerry Just with the courageous hairdo, featuring a few lengthy and also slicked strands directly down the temple. Make sure you slick back the sides also.

Devilock Punk Hairstyle

78. Professional Punk Hairstyles for Men

We’ll soften the anarchy a little bit for a punk hairdo option in the work environment. If your expert setup needs you to maintain an “agreeable” appearance, you can cut and layer your hair for a balanced hairdo that goes outside the traditional punk appearance yet still replicates it.

Professional Punk Hairstyles for Men

79. Artsy Punk Hairstyles For Guys

Program love for art with your extremely modern as well as great punk hairdo. You can do additional research on avant-garde hairdos as well as get motivation for creative hairstyles full of attitude. As constantly, there are no limitations to the variety of shades you can utilize!

Artsy Punk Hairstyles For Guys

 80. Viking Hairstyle

Even though there is no direct connection between Vikings and punk, the hairstyle related to Norsemen is as equally as atypical. It’s a fine selection for males with exceptionally long hair that intend to obtain a mohawk-like hairstyle via pigtails.

Mens Punk Hairstyles Viking Hairstyle

81. Thick Mohawk Punk Hairstyles for Guys

Finally, we want to reveal to you our last concept for punk hair with mohawks. You can either make the strip of hair unbelievably slim for a paper-thin mohawk, or you can leave it approximately a couple of inches long for a thick one.

Thick Mohawk Punk Hairstyles for Guys

82. Short Dreadlocks

A spiky, re-adjustable untidy top provides it that punk-vibe while the greatly tapered sides give that contemporary feeling. If it’s not fairly defiant enough for you consider some red dyed tips to actually make a declaration.

Short Dreadlocks

83. Pop-Punk Hairstyles

Pop-punk bands like My Chemical Love and also Autumn Out Child controlled the very early 2000’s. Loss Out Child’s bassist Pete Wentz functions the mop that was so prominent just some 10 years back. It’s not so preferred currently but fashion goes in circles, it could be back in style earlier than we think.


Pop-Punk Hairstyles

84. The Rebel’s Pompadour

Perhaps the best punk. The late James Dean’s pompadour was made renowned both by his very own defiant nature and that of his standout function in Rebel Without a Cause. Combed back, messy and also timeless, this simple to maintain ‘do will certainly forever be trendy. (Other wonderful styles that will not head out of fashion).


The Rebel’s Pompadour

85. Dyed Mowhawk

When you assumed the synonymous punk hairstyle could not be any even more punk in comes Jared Leto with a colored mohawk. Leto dyes his mohawk red while maintaining the remainder of his hair bleach blonde.

Mens Punk Hairstyles Dyed Mowhawk

86. Rockabilly Punk

One of the earliest styles of rock music dating back to the 1950s. A mix of rock as well as a nation the rockability style is glossy and brief on the sides and BIG on top.

Rockabilly Punk Hairstyles

87. Scene Hairstyles

Significantly comparable to emo hairdos, ‘Scene’ is basically the exact same however dyed. Try out various appearances, one color, or numerous. What you say opts for this look.

Scene Mens Punk Hairstyles

88. Dyed Spikes On Top

Long and pushed forward on top. Conical short at the sides. This style has a modern silhouette yet keeps a perspective with the refined spikes on top. The colored tips offer it some extra oomph but it’s a great look with or without them.

Dyed Spikes On Top

89. Dyed And Wavy

Colored platinum pink makes this look one-of-a-kind even amongst the typical suspects of celeb bleachers. It’s a terrific appearance that the previous 1D celebrity draws off faultlessly.

Mens Punk Hairstyles Dyed And Wavy

90. Japanese Pompadour

Not your routine pompadour. This Oriental take swirls the top inwards to attain a truly remarkable look. Inspired by American Greaser society this pompadour became massively prominent amongst Japanese youths in the ’80s. Not only attractive to Yakuza this design was adopted by the subculture Bōsōzoku (which equates to lacking control). A growing team of bike lovers that roamed the streets in gangs.

Japanese Pompadour Punk Hairstyles

91. Disheveled Pompadour

Robert Pattinson’s now-famous cut may look like the utmost disobedience against hair styling however it’s anything. It’s a wonderfully contemporary look that goes versus the mainstream idea to clipper the sides.

Punk Hairstyles Disheveled Pompadour

92. Super Long Undercut

Like the name recommends it’s an undercut which is left distinctly much longer ahead. The added length may call for even more upkeep but it’s definitely a worthy tradeoff. The look more than makes up for by being a modern design with an entire one-of-a-kind twist.

Punk Hairstyles Super Long Undercut

93. Platinum with Visible Roots

Going platinum can be tough if you’re naturally dark-haired. (Want suggestions on going platinum?).

Platinum with Visible Roots

94. Short Punk Mullet

This shorter appearance of the well-known design makes the mullet cool once again. It achieves this with really sharp sides and also an extra refined shorter size to the conventional mullet. This take is likewise much more transferrable to much more serious events.

Short Punk Mullet

95. Punk Hair Tattoo

It’s all up to your choice of style to really pull off this appearance. It is a design much better suited for the more youthful generation however as well as also then it’s challenging to manage. It’s not long-term you would certainly be finest taking your ‘do to an expert, so you do not end up with mistakes.

Punk Hair Tattoo

96. Voluminous Punk Faux Hawk

Perfect for people with thick hair that intend to flaunt regarding it. This style is actually lovely with its array of curls. It stands apart indeed, however, the longer sides reel the design back in simply adequate to quit it going overboard.

Voluminous Punk Faux Hawk

97. The Devil Lock

An extremely various appearance. All the hair is slicked back right here besides the previously mentioned lock which is functioned down as well as right. Right down the center of the temple, this look isn’t for the chickenhearted.

Mens Punk Hairstyles The Devil Lock

98. Toned Down Punk Hairstyle

Left slightly much longer than the typical short hairstyle, this design keeps a punk attitude with it’s shaggy, uneven appearance. Like David Beckham’s brief mullet, nevertheless, this look remains rebellious while remaining just tame adequate to move to any kind of celebration.

Toned Down Punk Hairstyle

99. Curly Pompadour

Curly hair can be rowdy as well as thick at the most effective of times. Cut the sides and let all that defiant hair expand wild ahead for a remarkably reduced maintenance style.

Mens Punk Hairstyles Curly Pompadour

100. Long Goth Hair

Long hair is difficult to manage, combine it with dyed hair … You get the picture. If you’re willing to endure the needed maintenance, however, it’s a wonderful aim to rock. Dye on a regular basis if you have lighter hair but most significantly maintain it tidy. There’s nothing even worse than lengthy oily hair.

Mens Punk Hairstyles Long Goth Hair

101. Pink Punk Mohawk

In the event that you need all eyes on you, go for a tall punk Mohawk colored in a shinning color, let’s say, pink. This punk staple of advanced haircuts for men does require very a parcel of upkeep and aptitudesIn any case, it completely pays off with a consistent consideration of the open.

Pink Punk Mohawk

102. Buzz Cut Mohawk Punk Hair

In case you think that punk rocker hair styles ought to essentially include a long mane, we are here to demonstrate you off-base. There are bounty of brief punk hairdos to select from. Take a see at a buzz cut mohawk, which whereas looking strong and brave, offers you the ease of support and styling.

Buzz Cut Mohawk Punk Hair

103. Short Curly Hair

In case you’re not prepared for extreme changes howeveryou’ll attempt on one of the tribal punk hair styles instep. For such men hairdos, tease the beat of your head to form it appear like a wavy surface and make the blue hair color see.

Short Curly HairPunk Hairstyles for Guys

104. Punk Hairstyle For Curly Hair

Punk wavy hairdos are a awesome irregularity. It doesn’t cruel in spite of the fact that that they don’t see as cool as the straight ones. The common surface of your wiry locks brings a unused bend into the punk fohawk fashion.

Punk Hairstyle For Curly Hair

105. Purple Toned Hair And Tapered Sides

For need of a full head of hair, brief hair men would need to make the daydream hairdos utilizing diverse colors and side cuts. Tone your hair with a purple tint and have the sides decreased to the skin.

Purple Toned Hair And Tapered Sides

How To Do Punk Hairstyles

  • Keep your not greater than chin size, but if you intend to stick to something innovative, long hair is likewise approved, depending upon the hairdo being shown off.
  • Color your hair with an uncommon shade like red, environment-friendly, blue, pink or black, which protest the mainstream hairstyles. Use a high-quality conditioner or hair shampoo to avoid the shade from fading.
  • Part the hair right into areas, a lot of ideally, picking a location before a mirror. This part of styling is essential, as well as it is suggested that you take the help of professional hands.
  • Utilizing a comb, brush the dye gently onto the hair. If you desire to highlight or touch the hair, you can utilize aluminum foils.
  • After cleaning the hair after the color has become long-term, reduce your hair to the length as desired. You can utilize an electric razor, and trim the split finishes.
  • The last part is styling your hair. Pick the hairstyle you intend to put on, and also have an expert barber aiding you in the designing.
  • Wind up with using a high-quality hair spray to keep the hair in the correct shape.


To conclude, punk hairstyles for people are most definitely greater than satisfies the eye. Even though most of people only have mohawks in mind when they think of punk hairdos, you now recognize what your alternatives are which they are much more charitable than you would’ve thought.

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